About Me

Melanie Pensak, an Earth Protector, offers nature-based meditation experiences designed to honor Mother Earth, cultivate interconnection with the land and assist people in developing their daily mindfulness practice.  She is known for her 4 -year Airbnb Experience Meditate @ the Beach in Los Angeles.

Melanie presently leads nature-based meditation classes and half day retreats on Nisenan land in the Sierra Foothills of California.  During this time of safe distancing, Melanie also offers online meditation classes and courses via Zoom as well as one-on-one mentoring.  She is certified as a Mindfulness Teacher through the Mindfulness Training Institute and is a Teacher of mindfulness in nature through Awake in the Wild.

She is particularly interested in the concept of reciprocity creating outdoor mindfulness workshops which integrate giving back to the land through responsible restoration and regenerative practices.  Melanie feels passionate about helping people incorporate mindfulness and nature into their modern, busy lives after living in cities herself for 15 years.

She is also a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist who feels passionate about helping children and families communicate.  Melanie provides therapy online and offers one-on-one guided play with children outside in nature.

Melanie presently lives and works in community on an organic farm.  In her free time, she enjoys learning how to be a part of the shift towards regenerative living for all beings.  She volunteers her time with Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles and Farmers Footprint.  You can also find her online as a Sunday hostess for Sangha Live.  She is presently diving deeper into the Indigenous Knowledge of her own Ukrainian and Polish ancestry.  When it is time to play, Melanie can be found wading in the American River, salsa dancing and refining the art of doing nothing.

A message from Melanie:

It feels important to mention everyone is welcome in my classes, courses and one-on-one sessions.  I am actively considering how to reach a more diverse community and how to be more inclusive in my offerings for those who identify with race/ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation different from my own.  This work is ongoing as I continue to deepen my knowledge on how to be antiracist, how to cultivate my own Indigenous Knowledge and how to decolonize my mind.  Additionally, if there is anyone interested in a course, class, session or speech therapy that needs financial support or a sliding scale option, please feel free to contact me privately to discuss further.  Thank you and much love.

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