Entering into this moment


Mindfulness is clear awareness of the present moment. Mindfulness or “Sati” in the ancient Pali language used at the time of the Buddha 2600 years ago means, “to remember.” Through repeatedly remembering to pay attention to the present experience of the body, heart, mind and environment, freedom from mental stress emerges.  Mindfulness is the practice of entering into presence and directly observing the experience with curiosity, kindness and acceptance. People practice mindfulness for the purpose of cultivating awareness, clarity, understanding and wisdom.

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Deepening Connection

Nature Practice

When life is full and rushed, we can forget we are nature and a sense of separateness arises between us and the outdoor world.  The Earth calls to us to remember our interconnection if we are aware enough to hear her.  She patiently waits for us find the courage to again prioritize coming back home to what feels real and nourishing.  Contemplative nature practice provides a path to reconnect with our inner world and outer landscapes.

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Practicing Together

Airbnb Experiences

Mindfulness experiences guide guests to step out of autopilot and enter into present moment awareness for the purpose of reconnecting with the body and human experience. They are open for beginners or seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their practice. Melanie hosts sessions in nature settings in California and Idaho.

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Skilled Guidance


Begin on the path or deepen your mindfulness practice with personalized one- on -one support.  You’ll collaborate with Melanie to find ways to make practice a priority and to integrate meditation into your everyday life.  Be seen and heard in private sessions while growing in understanding and embodied awareness.

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Listening and Expressing

Speech-Language Therapy

Melanie helps your child’s communication blossom by creating a customized therapy plan based on the individual needs of the child and family.  She weaves together a variety of therapy approaches in combination with what motivates your child to create unique play-based sessions online or outdoors.

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