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Melanie offers one-on-one CIRS support calls as well as mentoring sessions to those recovering from CIRS who wish to process their journey through the lens of mindfulness and compassion. CIRS support calls are available for those needing emotional support on a more immediate and casual basis. Mentoring sessions incorporate meditation, somatic inquiry, problem-solving and mind- body support specific to your CIRS challenges. Some call Melanie their “emotional coach.”

She has completed first level Shoemaker Protocol training on CIRS and is a Proficiency Partner Diplomate.ย  Melanie is committed to ongoing education and completed A4Mโ€™s Breakthroughs in CIRS training. She has worked with folks as a guide on their emotional and spiritual journeys for many years and has experienced and worked through deep grief and emotional healing herself. Each session combines spirituality, science and support, personalized for your recovery.


The Heart of CIRS

Welcome to The Heart of CIRS podcast. This podcast shares heartfelt conversations with folks recovering from CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and those special people serving the CIRS community. Through stories and vulnerability, we can help the world understand the winding journey of CIRS recovery.

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