Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Melanie shares knowledge learned from her personal practice and ongoing learning as well as coursework completed through the Mindfulness Training Institute, Mindful Schools & UCLA’s MARC.  She feels inspired to help guide humans towards living a life of freedom & joy.

The Journey Back to Presence

Melanie’s interest in her spiritual journey rekindled in the year 2000 after experiencing a series of family deaths followed by a period of internal challenges. She began exploring the benefits of yoga, reiki, nature practice, minimalism and meditation practices on her body, heart and mind. Over time, these practices helped Melanie develop deeper embodied presence, clarity of mind, emotional stability, personal growth & life vision.  As the mental clutter and suppressed emotions released, the ability to feel and trust her own intuition grew stronger.  Read more about her personal entrepreneurial story and early work in  Voyage LA Magazine.

Mindfulness Mentoring

It brings Melanie great joy and deep satisfaction working with others interested in mindfulness practices.  Learning about her own body, heart and mind provided life-changing insight, and she feels delighted to witness the growth of others on the path.  Bringing curiosity and love to each moment helps create the possibility for developing inner strength and freedom from the stories of the mind.

Each personalized session focuses on an area of mindfulness, includes a private guided meditation, time for questions and development of a weekly mindful home program. Your sessions will be customized to fit your learning style, ability and lifestyle.

Some session topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Setting up your posture and establishing a daily practice
  • Grounding in the body
  • Being present to the breath
  • Attuning to sounds
  • Awareness of pleasant, unpleasant and neutral sensations
  • Learning to see your own mental habits
  • Recognizing emotions in the body
  • Cultivating kindness and self-compassion
  • Learning natural truths of impermanence, difficulty and non-identification
  • Paying attention in daily activities
  • Communicating mindfully with others

“What you practice grows stronger.” – Shauna Shapiro