Mentoring Opportunities

Inspiring others from around the world to explore mindfulness in their daily lives and to reconnect with our beautiful planet.
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Mindfulness for Adults

Begin or deepen your mindfulness practice with one-on-one support. We’ll work together to integrate your practice into everyday life. Sessions include a guided meditation practice and time to ask questions or discuss your practice.  Offered via Zoom.

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Nature Practice

These one-on-one sessions are designed to help people remember how to connect with nature. This is best suited for those with an interest in learning how to connect with the elements, their own inner world and the outer landscape where they live.  Sessions are personalized with nature practices, teachings and a plan on how to connect with the land. Offered in-person or via Zoom.

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Mindfulness for Kids

These play-based mindfulness sessions are 30 minutes in length designed for children ages 5 +.  Each session includes a variety of  mindfulness games, a guided meditation and are customized for your child’s needs.  They are designed to help develop relaxation, awareness of the body, attention, flexibility and emotional resilience. Offered via Zoom.

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