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    Melanie Pensak

    Melanie Pensak, a Certified Mindfulness Teacher and Earth Protector, offers nature-based meditation experiences designed to honor Mother Earth, cultivate interconnection to the land and guide humans into a daily mindfulness practice. She is known for her 4 -year Airbnb Experience Meditate @ the Beach in Los Angeles.

    Melanie presently leads nature classes and half day nature-based meditation retreats on Nisenan land in the Sierra Foothills of California. During this time of safe distancing, Melanie also offers online nature meditation classes via Zoom as well as one-on-one nature-based mentoring.

    She is particularly interested in the concept of reciprocity creating outdoor mindfulness workshops which integrate responsible restoration of the land and support regenerative farming practices. Melanie feels passionate about helping people incorporate mindfulness and nature into their modern, busy lives after living in cities herself for 15 years.

    Melanie presently lives and works in community on an organic farm. In her free time, she enjoys learning how to be a part of systemic change towards more regenerative living for all beings. She volunteers her time with Extinction Rebellion and Farmers Footprint. Melanie can be found wading in the American River, salsa dancing and refining the art of doing nothing when it is time to play.


Jan 28 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Full Moon Practice Circle – ONLINE

Come together in community and meditation as we honor earth aligning with the January full moon.  Full moons are a natural part of Mother Earth’s monthly cycles, a time for releasing what is no longer needed in body, heart and mind.  In Buddhist traditions, full moons are also a particularly auspicious time to practice metta (also known as loving-kindness), strengthening our capacity to hold life experiences with care.

In this 2-hour offering you’ll be invited to connect with nature and its cyclical rhythms, gently releasing limiting thought patterns and stagnant emotions and resting into kindness.

This practice circle will include:

  • Exploration of the current full moon, and related traditions
  • Guided land practice
  • Contemplative nature-based meditation
  • Cultivation of loving-kindness
  • Opportunities for deep listening, reflection and sharing in community
  • Intention setting and gratitude practice

We suggest setting up in a comfortable and quiet spot free from distractions. If outside, perhaps set up around a fire and/or under a blanket. You’ll need reliable WIFI to support Zoom and enough battery life for 2 hours.  If inside, you might consider the use of dim lighting and candles.


7:00 – 9:00   PM PST //  8:00- 10:00  PM MT


Full Moon Practice Circle

Registration closes one hour before the event begins. A sliding scale is offered for attendance with several scholarship tickets available. No refunds are available for this class; however, if a conflict arises you may use your funds as a credit for a future Full Moon Practice Circle session.

This session will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend live.  Those who register agree to being recorded, with the option to pause the video during your personal sharing if preferred.

This event is being held online. About one hour prior to start time, registrants will receive a Zoom link to join via email. If you don’t see it in your inbox be sure to check your spam or junk mail. 

Upcoming Full Moon Practice Circles include 2/26 and 3/27. Learn more about Ashley and Melanie.

This full moon meditation is an Awake in the Wild offering.